Issues We Face

House Frames


Surplus County land should be auctioned to the highest bidder. Allow developers to build what the market demands. Allow multi-story residential above commercial properties. Allow homeowners to build "in-law" apartments or other small housing units on their property.

Barber Portrait

Local Businesses

Revise county zoning plans to allow development of ground-floor commercial spaces with multi-story residential on top of those buildings.  This would create affordable housing close to businesses, reduce commuter traffic, increase mass transit use, attract a diverse workforce, and create a socially vibrant downtown. Stop renting these spaces to the lab so that local businesses can afford them. Eliminate horrifically expensive building codes so that businesses can get off the ground.



Recognize integrity, efficiency, and excellence. Punish waste, fraud, and abuse. Justify no-bid contracts and permit denials. Ensure deadlines are met. Expose corruption.